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District of Stewart Tourism Photoshoot

District of Stewart Tourism Photoshoot
JUL 17, 2023

We are excited to announce that we have received a Marketing Initiative grant from Northern Development Initiative Trust to continue promoting tourism in Stewart! After a brief hiatus due to travel restrictions, Thomas from Camus Photography is back to take pictures and videos of our wonderful community. This summer, we are also focusing on promoting activity based contents and showcasing the various outdoor fun activities Stewart has to offer, including, biking, paddle boarding, fishing, golfing, playing tennis/pickle ball, as well as camping and hiking.


We are looking for individuals of various ages, and families to do one or more outdoor activities for a photo & video shoot for Stewart Tourism. Photoshoot will take between 2-6 hours, depending on the activity, on one of the days between August 7 - 11, 2023. Your time will be compensated. 


Monday August 7th (Afternoon)

Drive to Salmon Glacier (ideally with an 4x4 truck with camper), hike from the viewpoint to the ice cave, picnic at the glacier. 
Looking for one (1) fit couple who are able to do the hike. Optional: have 4x4 truck with camper. 
Duration: ~ 6 hours.
Tuesday August 8th (Morning & Early Afternoon)

Visiting the Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site, shopping at Boundary Bay Gift Shop, “get Hyderized” at the Glacier Inn, get Fish and Chips for lunch, biking in Hyder. 
Looking for two to three (2-3) young females (age 21+, passport or ID and birth certificate needed to cross the border).
Duration: ~ 6 hours.
Tuesday August 8th (Afternoon)

Kayaking and paddle boarding on Clements Lake.
Looking for two (2) teenagers or young adults who are able to kayak and paddle board. Kayaks and paddle boards are provided. 
Duration: ~ 2 hours. 
Wednesday August 9th (Morning)

Shopping at the grocery stores, walking the boardwalk.
Looking for one (1) mature couple.
Duration: ~ 3 hours.
Wednesday August 9th (Afternoon)

Biking around town, set up an RV at the Rainey Creek Campground.
Looking for one (1) family or one (1) couple who are able to bike. RV can be provided.
Duration: ~ 4 hours.
Thursday August 10th (Afternoon)

Playing golf at the driving range.
Looking for one to two (1-2) individuals who know how to swing a golf club. 
Duration: ~ 2 hours.
Friday August 11th (Morning)

Hiking the Rainey Creek trail, playing tennis & pickle ball (no skills required).
Looking for two (2) individuals or one (1) couple who are able to hike the Rainey Creek trail (hiking shoes required).
Duration: ~ 3 hours.
Friday August 11th (Afternoon)

Hiking the the new trail that extends from the Stewart Boardwalk.
Looking for two (2) individuals or one (1) couple who are able to hike the trail and have good hiking shoes.
Duration: ~ 3 hours.
If you are interested or know someone who is interested, please email or call 778-794-9955 or visit us at the Old Firehall (603 Columbia St.).

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