Vulnerable Persons List

Vulnerable Persons List

What is the District of Stewart's Vulnerable Persons List?

The Vulnerable Persons List is a list of people in the community who may need extra assistance during an emergency. Seniors, families with disabilities, families with young children, families without vehicles or anyone who identifies as needing extra assistance may register.

What Type of Help Can I Expect in An Emergency If I Am on the Vulnerable Persons List?

During an emergency a person on the Vulnerable Persons List can expect to receive both the automated One Call Now message sent to all residents as well as a second message to determine if assistance is required. This is likely to be a phone or text survey requesting your response. If a response is not received from you or if you do require assistance, there will be follow up with personal phone calls and/or emergency responder assistance

How Do I Get On the Vulnerable Persons List?

When you register for One Call Now you can ask to be identified as Vulnerable.