District Council

District Council

Find out more about the Mayor and District Councillors and their priorities for our town.


Mayor and Councillors

Current Mayor and Council for the District of Stewart.

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Committees of the Whole

These are the Committees that all Council members deal with matters in a less formal manner than at a Regular Council meeting.



The purpose of Council remuneration is to provide an incentive for community members to hold public office and to show appreciation for those that dedicate their time and effort to the governance responsibility of District services, operations and programs.



The District of Stewart completes a five year financial plan, which is updated every year, to ensure responsible money management that relates directly to the priorities identified by the community.

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Council is the legislative body representing the citizens of the District of Stewart.


Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct policy for District of Stewart was adopted in 2012. This policy applies to all Elected Officials, employees, and volunteers of the District of Stewart.


Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission is to work with our citizens to create a healthy, vibrant and caring community.

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