District Government

Role of District Council

Council is the legislative body representing the citizens of the District of Stewart.  Council provides leadership and establishes policies and priorities for the District of Stewart’s municipal government. It reviews and establishes budget levels for civic operations and capital expenditures.

Council is comprised of the Mayor and six Councillors.  All members of Council hold office for four-year terms. The Mayor chairs meetings of Council and is an ex-officio member of all Council Committees and all bodies to which Council has the right to appoint members.

Municipalities have the power of a natural person, the power to expropriate, and the power to establish and enforce bylaws. They are able to raise funds through property taxes and user fees, and borrow through the Municipal Finance Authority to pay for services and capital costs.

Municipal governments operate within the powers given to them by the Province. Municipal authority is found partly in the legislation and laws from the province, including the Community Charter  and the Local Government Act.

Council holds two regular meetings each month. Meetings are open to the public and agendas can be viewed by clicking HERE.


Please note that Council do not maintain regular office hours at the Municipal Office and may be contacted at the contact information below.

Mayor Angela Brand Danuser (250) 636-2251
Councillor Frank Kamermans (250) 636-2251
Councillor Hopi Kruchkowski (250) 636-2251
Councillor Nina Russell (250) 636-2251
Councillor Keenan Kennedy (250) 636-2251
Councillor Patty Lynn (250) 636-2251
Councillor Brock Nelson (778) 794-9674