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Snow and Ice Removal Bylaw
MAR 2, 2023

The District of Stewart would like to take this opportunity to make residents aware, update, inform and remind them on the specifics of snow clearing. The Bylaw clearly states responsibility, for specific situation, of homeowners and business owners (commercial and industrial).

  1. Snow clearing, plowing of roads will occur when there is 10 cm of accumulation.
  2. Windrows at end of driveways for homes and business.
  3. Piling of Snow.
  4. Sidewalks (Downtown core).
  5. Salting/Sanding
  6. Etc.

Please click on the Bylaw HERE for clarification on the above and more.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the office and speak to the CAO.

(250) 636-2251

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